Be Consistent But Flexible With Your Dictum When Dealing With Kids

Be Consistent But Flexible With Your Dictum When Dealing With Kids

At this stage, your child may often defy you for a number of things, thinking you are taking away his liberty. It is normal as a part of his development, but the attitude must not be encouraged.

Do not be too rigid with the rules for your kid. Keep room for flexibility for special occasions, but try to be consistent in your behaviour during most of the days. Reinforce good behaviour by appreciating and praising the kid every time he is obedient. Choose your battles wisely. Every issue is not worth fighting and losing your cool for.

It is also important to give your child the flexibility to speak his mind. At this age it is imperative to understand the fact that your child has a growing mind that will have thousand of permutations and combinations to deal with. While on one hand you may be have dictum to discipline your child, that might not be the right thing to do always. That is why along with your own rules, try and analyse the mind frame of your child so that there is an understanding that develops between the two of you. Remember that a rule works well when you both are on the same page. And for the same, giving sufficient room for your child to have his own opinion and flexibility is also important without any reasonable doubt. This is one healthy way to inculcate discipline in your child with mutual admiration and bonding.