Be Consistent When Enforcing Rules

Be Consistent When Enforcing Rules

Your child will try various strategies to get things his way at this stage. However, by enforcing rules consistently without wavering from them, will help you get the desired behaviour from your little one.

While making rules, involve him. Give the time to work out rules that are reasonable. This way he will know what is expected of him and since he has participated, the chances are higher that he will willingly abide by them.

Don’t make too many rules. Keep them simple, clear and be firm while you communicate. For instance, first homework then only play. OR story time after brushing teeth. If he breaks the rule, talk to him patiently and remind him why its important to follow rules. If rules are broken inspite of reminders, give a timeout (not more than one minute) or NO TV for a day or No play in the park. Ensure the consequences are communicated to the child before itself and implement them as soon as the rules are violated.

Your aim is to get your child to be responsible for his actions and get an understanding why rules have to be followed. This however, takes time and reinforcement.

Read stories to him that talk about rules and routines. One age appropriate book is “Where the Wild things are” by Maurice Sendak. Above all, never forget to praise good behaviour when he cooperates and follows whats been told.