Be Firm And Consistent When Doling Out Punishments

Be Firm And Consistent When Doling Out Punishments

At this stage, your child needs some consistency from you to have a good behavior.

Do not ridicule or demean your child as it will damage his self-esteem. Do not get into an argument on why he deserves the punishment. Be firm in your stance and do not waver, as kids are quick to sense hesitation on your part and will take advantage of your weakness. Praise and reward good behaviour. 

Also, it is interesting to come up with fun ways of punishing your child. Since kids these days are way too sensitive, anything harsh can sometimes have adverse effect. Like it is already mentioned that as parents we must not do any such thing that will demean or ridicule the child. In that case the best way is to find punishments that will actually help them learn few life skills. For eg. as a punishment, help dad to clean the car. Or as a punishment you will clean the kitchen with mumma after dinner. Or TV is off for the day. These are some of the ways where the child is not reprimanded and at the same time he is punished for a wrong deed. Sanity prevails, life skills learnt and punishment doled out. Isn’t that fun?