Be Firm In Your Approach To Your Kid's Whining

Be Firm In Your Approach To Your Kid's Whining

Some kids take the message that when they whine they win. If you are driven crazy by your whining kid, here are a few tricks to tackle and stop the whining.

1. New rule: Tell your kid that there’s a new rule at home, if she whines, she loses.

2. Nip it in the bud: The whining habit must be stopped before it starts or nipped at the earliest and let her understand that she will not get what she wants through whining.

3. Do not react: Be calm and clear when she uses the tools like screaming, kicking, crying to draw your attention for her demands.

4. Be firm to whining: Do not give in. Let it bother you and she must know that her whining worries you and makes you sad.

5. Decent asking: She should know how to ask pleasingly and nicely and exhibiting her disciplined behaviour.

6. Praise for good behaviour: Appreciate and reward your child where it is needed and due.

7. Be consistent in your response: If you give in even one time to your kid’s demands during a whining episode, you are setting a precedent.

8. Triggering agent: Also try to understand the triggers. Is your child indulging in this kind of behaviour whenever she is tired or hungry? You can pre-empt a whining episode by removing these triggers. Ensure that she sleeps soundly and is not sleep deprived.

9. Connection between sweets and whining: Pay attention to her eating habits especially lots of sweets has a connection to her behaviour.