Be Patient And Understanding While Enforcing A Routine

Be Patient And Understanding While Enforcing A Routine

Your child at this stage undergoes a lot of behavioral changes and hence, a routine is a must for the little one. Impose strict time limitations but also be soft with your words when enforcing a routine with your child. 

Do not simply issue instructions and expect your child to obey – rather explain to him why it is necessary to stick to a routine; for example, "If you do not go to bed early, you will feel sleepy tomorrow morning at school time.” 

Allow your kid to participate and offer his views while creating the routine; make it a collaboration between you both rather than a dictatorship. This will help the little one to be more receptive and agreeable while following it. 

Remember to keep room for flexibility while enforcing any routine for your kid; for example, you can relax the rules in case of holidays or weekends. 

Always discuss matters with your child before making any sudden changes to the established routine.