Be Patient With Your Kid's Numerous Questions

Be Patient With Your Kid's Numerous Questions

At this age, your child is developing a natural curiosity about the world around him. As a result, you will find yourself being bombarded with questions from him about every little thing and at every point. How you react to your kid’s incessant questioning is something you must monitor carefully.

Never express impatience or irritation when your kid bombards you with questions. At times you will even find your kid asking you the same question every single day, or asking you something which you answered just minutes ago. However, keep your patience and answer him calmly every time.

Sometimes your kid may come up with a question whose answer you do not know, or which is too adult for you to discuss with him. Do not discourage his questions or give him incorrect answers; try to stay as close to reality as possible while answering his questions, but remain within the boundary of his understanding.