Be Sensitive And Positive During Their Emotional Developmental Phase

Be Sensitive And Positive  During Their Emotional Developmental Phase
  • Extensive emotional development is now taking place in your child’s brain, so you need to be more sensitive and use a lot of positive words to interact with the little one. Prepare your child for the outside world and their daily interactions with others, so that the child is ready to face any situation. 
  • With the power of speech comes the stage of emotional development in kids. How you speak to them, the language used, the tone adapted—everything will lead to the formation of your child’s emotional quotient. In such situations, it is imperative that you as a parent become extremely cautious of how you behave in front of your little one.
  • The child will try and emulate everything you do. It is a natural phenomenon. So avoid using cuss words or a negative tone around them. Even the adult interactions around the child must be with respect and cordiality so that the child learns to respect his parents.
  • Use a lot of positive words and words of appreciation while talking to your child. Every act must be accompanied with positive and motivating words. This way they will learn to face the challenges in life with a positive motivated approach rather than negative one.