Being Creative with Paper Punch Machine

Being Creative with Paper Punch Machine

Creativity in your child and every kid this age can be developed by DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. Engage them in activities that enable them to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings. There are several things that are available at home, which you can use to turn your little one into a great artist. Please remember an additional supportive and supervising hand is required.

1. Create patterns: Paper punch machine will give your kiddo ample opportunities to create patterns that will be a great way to learn while having fun.

2. Chad decoration: You can encourage your child to use the chad (small round pieces obtained from paper, card by punching them) in multiple ways like sticking them as borders on a greeting card, to stick them on flower designs,

3. Design a collage: Make chads from different colour papers, handmade cards, stiff fabrics, plastic sheets and develop a collage from them.

4. Engineer a pattern: Draw a freehand picture on a chart paper and encourage your kid to punch holes on the lines of the drawing and have fun looking at the pattern.

5. Construct a scrap book: Arrange 10 sheets of A4 size paper in an order and leaving a margin of 1 inch, assist your kid to punch 2 holes on the left hand side holding all the sheets together. Insert a colourful satin ribbon in the first hole and pull it from the back and insert from the back to the second hole and pull the ribbon on the front side, equal the two ends of the ribbons, knot them and tie a bow. Delight your kiddo by encouraging him to stick pictures of his collections on the sheets of the scrap book. However, never leave your child unattended with the machine.