Being Creative With Straws

Being Creative With Straws

Making art from things lying around the house is the best way to recycle waste and make wealth out of the same. If you recently had a party and you have a lot of straws that are about to be thrown away, here are some fun and engaging activities you can try with your child.

1. Garland If you have a few different colored straws handy, you can make a colourful garland or even a necklace with them. Take each one of the different colored straws and make a basic pattern you want for your garland. Help your child join each end of the straw with the other using tape.

2. Headgear/Tiara You can make a beautiful headgear or a tiara with a bunch of straws. Measure the size of your child’s head to begin with and start creating a circular base by taping each end of the straw to the other end. Once you get the basic shape going, you can get creative with the rest of the design.

3. Frame You can cut the straws into tiny pieces and hand them over to your child. Give him a large picture and a non toxic glue stick so he can paste the tiny pieces of the straw all over the picture. You can also frame the finished piece of art with the remaining straws and hang it on the wall.

4. Bracelet You can also make beautiful and personalized bracelets with cut straws. Make tiny pieces of colourful straws and give them to your child. Let him bead them through a string and create a nice bracelet.