Benefits Of Imaginative Play!

Benefits Of Imaginative Play!
Cognitive Development

There is nothing more important than fostering imagination in your child. Imagination is one of the most wonderful and powerful tools that you can empower your child with. An imaginative child goes a very long way in life. So, just allow the little one to imagine!

Now, in the process as a parent you may feel that your child is being irrational and bizarre in too many ways. That’s alright. Imagination is all about things that are many times not plausible in our own conventional ways. So, the more he can stretch his wings imagining things, the more your child will have the liberty that will make him do things in a different way. Stories are a great way to induce imagination in your child. Allow your child to think more on a story and have his ways with it.

Ask him to dig deep into the characters and also the plot. And, even a word can allow him to spread his imaginations to any length. Allow him to think, imagine whatever he wants. Never pull down his confidence with harsh comments. Never tell him that what he is thinking and doing isn’t good enough. This will make his thought process weak, and in a way he will slow down in the process. Such a thing is never healthy for a child.