Better Safe Than Be Sorry

Better Safe Than Be Sorry

At this age, your child has a lively curiosity about everything. While this urge to know and find out is very healthy, it may also be dangerous if unchecked or unsupervised. And nothing piques a child’s curiosity more than something from which he is blocked or shielded.

If you try to give your child a list of do’s and don’ts without explaining its implications, it may be difficult for him to understand what you are putting forward to him. He will develop an even greater curiosity towards it. For example, you may forbid him to lean from the terrace. But if you do not explain the reason for this instruction – that he could fall down – then he may be likely to go and try out that very action.

Make your explanation relevant, but simple and child-friendly. Use anecdotes, stories or incidents which your child can relate to. The consequences of any action and the necessity of precautionary measures have to be explained.