Boost Your Child's Logical Thinking

Boost Your Child's Logical Thinking
Logical Reasoning

At this stage, logic and reasoning are essential for your child’s development. It equips him with life skills that help him strategize his moves. While narrating a story, stop and ask your little one what he followed. If he hasn’t grasped the crux, guide him in a manner that you elicit a desired response from him.

Never teach your child to understand anything with question. That is certainly not the way to go about it. Inculcate the habit of understanding with reasons. There may be times when he questions everything that you do or ask him to do. But that is alright. It is much better than being a zombie and nod without understanding. Anything that your child understands with reason will give him a clear knowledge. He will carry that information without any obvious doubts. But, if he is fed anything that he doesn’t understand logically, it is quite possible that he will forget everything in a small span of time. So ensure that your little one understands with logic and reason. Make sure to have a two way communication while explaining anything so that you know his level and understand his mind better.