Boost Your Child's Morale

Boost Your Child's Morale

Your kid may be super confident in everything he does – or he may be a little shy and unsure of himself at times. Whatever your child’s basic nature, he will need encouragement from you at some point or the other. So be on the lookout for those times when he needs a little morale boosting.

Every child seeks acknowledgement. If your child successfully completes his task or finishes his work on time, do not forget to put in a good word for him. Put a smiley sticker on his work or award him a sticker star. A compliment or a word of appraisal makes your child confident.

If you have a shy child, some extra encouragement may be required. Never push your kid into something he does not want to do, for example to a new class, but let him go slow. Let him know that you have full confidence in him. Applaud him whenever he shows the courage to undertake something new.