Building Patience In Your Child

Building Patience In Your Child

Patience is something that is difficult to regard as a virtue for a child at this stage. In many ways, it takes years to build patience and compose yourself to react in a certain way. For a child though, this is just the beginning. He is at his impulsive best now. Running around with all the energy and enthusiasm he has in him. But then, it isn’t anything bad to make your little one sit back and feel composed for a moment, and thus, develop patience.

There are are several simple ways that can make your child patient. Firstly, avoid giving in to his needs immediately. For example. if your child is demanding for certain things, make sure that you keep him waiting for sometime before he is able to have it. This makes him patient in many ways. Also, allow him to sit quietly without doing anything.

At this age, kids are hyperactive. So, the point is to just do nothing, at times. Also, give him some mundane tasks. Like, filling the jar, which takes time and patience. This also helps breed patience. Along with this, meditation is also of great help to build patience in your child. Even if this is too early for a child to sit and meditate, there is no harm in giving it a try. Start with small durations like 2 to 5 minutes. Increase it as he is able to sit for longer durations. The thing here is that you too need to sit with him for the meditation.