Buy Your Child Water Soluble Pens and Paints

Buy Your Child Water Soluble Pens and Paints
3y to 4y

As your little one is growing up, it is difficult to keep a watch on him round the clock. With his age, his activities are also widening, leaving you with little scope of control. Even few days back your little munchkin was finding it difficult to hold a crayon, but today he must be doodling all over.

While for others it is rather cute, for you it is immensely painful to see your well painted walls, kitchen cabinets, and almirah full of modern art. Well well, this happens everywhere! And interestingly, even if you give your child blank white sheets, he will get up and do his caricatures on all those places where he is not supposed to do.

So, now do you have a solution to this? Yes. Give your little one water soluble colours! These colours are easy to remove and you will find it easy to keep your home clean. Ensure that you find the good quality ones, preferably organic, so that it isn't harmful for your child. The soluble colours can be removed with a wet cloth or a wash cloth. The erasable pens and colors are also a great option in case your child ends up with stains on his clothes and upholstery. This way your child will be happy and at the same time you can keep your home spic and span rather conveniently.