Bye Bye Mamma, Bye Bye Papa!

Bye Bye Mamma, Bye Bye Papa!
2y to 3y

Your kid will find it very difficult to say goodbye to you and equally it is too hard for you to bid goodbye to your kid, when you leave home for work. This shows the strong bond between your kid and you. This bond is required for your little one to develop confidence and individuality.

1. Bonding with your kid with love: Research shows that kids are less fussy and do not cry much when they are attended to their cry instantly during their first months. These kids begin to trust and love their parents much.

2. Play games: Games like peek-a-boo and hide and seek will help him to understand your absence is only for a while and that he will enjoy your presence very soon.

3. Prepare your kid for your departure: Inform him about you going to office and being back in the evening after his play time. Talk to him about his good behaviour in your absence.

4. Affectionate bidding: Give a quick hug, kiss your kid, and say goodbye looking in his eyes. Ensure that he knows and sees you are leaving home for office. Practise short goodbyes.

5. Develop a habit: Make it a habit to say goodbye to your kid every day before going to work. He will get adjusted to the fact that it is going to be a regular thing. He will not create any fuss about it. Moreover, he will know that you are leaving, only to return in the evening.

6. Call and inform: Whenever you are late, call him and inform about you coming late.