Caution Your Child Against Strangers

Caution Your Child Against Strangers
Child Safety

It is very important to teach your kid how to keep safe from the strangers. First, expose them to who is a stranger? A stranger is an unknown person no matter how he or she dresses well and looks nice.

1. Mom’s and dad’s name: It is very important that your kid knows your names. She can use the names in case of emergency.

2. Your phone number: Always keep a phone-number in your child’s pocket so that someone can contact you if your child is lost.

3. Familiarise with your house address: Ensure that your child knows the address of her home and the directions near to home.

4. Beware of strangers: Teach your child, to never talk to strangers or accept anything like toffees, cookies, from anyone apart from Mum, Dad or close family members. Also, caution not to answer a door bell to a stranger or inform a stranger in a telephone conversation that your child is alone at home.

5. Opt for known persons: Never leave your child with anyone whom you are not thoroughly familiar with.

6. Good touch: Familiarise your kid tactfully with good touch and bad touch. Enrich her that hugs, kisses, touches are always her choice and keep distance from such people.

7. Never accept lift: Caution your kid not to accept to travel in a stranger’s car and not even go close to the car.

8. Connected toys: A recent investigation says that, little technical knowhow is enough to hack into some of the toys to start sharing messages with a child. It is very important that the parents do a thorough survey before choosing to buy toys to their kids.