Change In Your Kid's Behavior Will Take Time

Change In Your Kid's Behavior Will Take Time

With the growth spurts, your child’s behaviour is also changing. He will stop misbehaving and will be more disciplined than ever. But this change will come with time. You need to be patient with him to see a steady improvement in his behaviour. Here are tips to help your child change his behaviour:

1. Be consistent in your approach to correct his behaviour. Do not expect the drastic change in a day. Ask him politely to correct himself. Do not force the guilt of misbehaving or disobeying on the child. Let the feeling come within them by itself, only then it will be most effective.

2. The best way to stop unwanted behavior of your child is to ignore it. Kids sometimes misbehave to grab your attention. Ignoring him at that time will initiate a self-realization process in your child. This way works best over a period of time. To make your child stop misbehaving immediately, you may use the time-out method.

3. Encourage good behaviour by reward system at this age. Explain the desired behavior and the reward to the child. Choose 1 or 2 behaviour of your child at a time you would like to change. Choose small rewards like a favourite snack or extra play time to give to your child when he behaves as you ask. Do not punish if he doesn’t behave as you wish, just simply take away the reward.

4. Stay positive. Do not lose the hope. Your child will soon listen to you and change his behaviour. Reflect positivity to your child in every manner to encourage him to adapt the same.