Check Out Signs For Medical Illness

Check Out Signs For Medical Illness

Being aware of your child’s health condition is very, very important as a parent, as often your child will not be able to express that he is feeling unwell and hence you should be able to tell when your child is feeling unwell.

1. The level of activity that your child has is a sensitive but non-specific index of your child’s physical health. Healthy children will always want to play and have fun, hence if your child’s behavior is unusually lethargic or diminished in intensity, this is one of the earliest indicators of your child being unwell.

2. Specific bodily symptoms, such as fever, rashes, runny nose, joint pains may or may not be able to be elicited by your child. In these cases, look for the effects of the symptoms on your child such as generalized lethargy, unwillingness to play or do physical activities, constant scratching, unusually frequent requests to use the potty or to be taken to the bathroom. Keep in mind that your child is not aware of the concept of the words such as “joint pains”, “fever” or “diarrhea” and as adults you should look for the same.

3. The signs and symptoms of your child’s altered development pattern may not be clear. Make use of the app’s GrowthCheck feature frequently and answer the questions about your child’s milestones to help pick up on delayed milestones, a very common symptom of many developmental disorders.

4. Ensuring that your child has a healthy physique is key to their overall health. Making use of the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator feature in the app is a great way to keep track of your child’s physical growth, making note of the changes and the effect of any illnesses that he has or is recovering from.