Clarify All Your Kid's Doubts And Questions Relating To Their Fears

Clarify All Your Kid's Doubts And Questions Relating To Their Fears

Growing up, your child will be exposed to a world where everything he sees is new. He may initially not like it at all, as it may not be as comforting as just being at home or around you. The new places he gets to see and explore, the new people around him, etc. can really startle him and make him develop irrational fears. Here is how you can help him overcome the same.

1. Talk to your child about things he will experience for the first time before he gets to experience them. This will help him understand to a certain extent if not completely about what he is about to do. This will make him feel comfortable quite a bit.

2. Acknowledge his fears by hearing him out. Do not laugh at him or criticise his fears, because to him, they are very much real. Comfort him as much as possible by letting him know that there is nothing he should worry about.

3. Give him real answers when he asks you questions even if the question makes no sense to you whatsoever. If he asks you whether there is a monster under his bed, tell him there isn't. Go the extra mile by shining a torch under the bed to show him the same. This will be very reassuring for him.

4. Let him know that he can always rely on you no matter what. Tell him that you are always there to scare the monsters away and to protect him. This will make him feel safe.