Clarify Rules About Household Tasks To Your Kid

Clarify Rules About Household Tasks To Your Kid
4y to 5y

Your child at this point needs to learn to abide by certain rules. It is important to make the rules regarding household chores very clear to your child. But keep it simple.

Do not involve them in anything other than their own stuff till all those tasks are learnt properly. Find out how the teacher communicates with your child to make him follow rules and apply these tactics at home. However, if your child is ready and shows interest, there is no harm in pulling your child to help you out in various ways. Even though it will not be possible for him to do everything as he is still a child, but by and large there are tasks that can be identified as child friendly.

Assist your child to build his confidence. Teach him step by step so that he learns fast and appropriately. Avoid rushing up. And, at the same time avoid reprimanding him for any wrong doing. Remember the fact that he is helping you out and learning at the same time. So, mistakes are bound to happen. Appreciate his effort and encourage him to do better. Do not forget to be thankful!