Communication Through Homework

Communication Through Homework

At this stage, it is quite common if your child makes a face when it comes to doing his homework on time. No kid in their healthy mind ever enjoyed doing homeworks. It is always the duty of the parents to make sure that their homework is done on time and without errors. Make this session exciting for your child by involving analytical or imaginative ingredients to the homework.

Anything that moves away from the monotony of what the kid has done at school is sure to catch his attention. Find out if your kid is more of a problem solver or has a creative bent and accordingly add that flavor to his regular homework. This will help hold his attention to the work long enough to finish it and in the process also learn something new. You can always ask him if he understood what he just did by a small oral question which if he answers correctly, acknowledge him and reward him judiciously so that he knows he did good job and is encouraged to do better.