Comprehending Multiple Commands

Comprehending Multiple Commands
3y to 4y

Making your child understand instructions can be quite a task. But if done right, he will be able to follow simple instructions very easily. If you follow some simple tricks based on your child's level of understanding, you will have him follow commands in no time!

1. Make sure to start off with simple instructions for your child to understand and follow the same. The key is to keep the instructions easy and simple, and also interesting enough for your child to comprehend.

2. Start off with one instruction and then have a progression by following it up with another to form a set of two-step instructions. For example, ask your child to bring a toy to you. On completion, ask him to put it back in its place. This makes it easy for your child to understand and follow the same.

3. You can also try a few instructions together to complete a task. Come up with simple and unambiguous instruction set for a simple task. For example, if you ask your child to wash his hands, start off by simply telling him to keep his hands under running water. Then ask him to pump out a little bit of soap and work it to form a lather. Then rinse it off. This makes it easier for your child to understand what is to be done.

4. Performing the actions suggested by the steps is also something that will help him catch on easily. Since your child pretty much copies your actions at this age, you can use this to your advantage and try to help your child to learn new activities without much of a hassle.