Consider Your Kid's Age While Selecting a Pet

Consider Your Kid's Age While Selecting a Pet

Your child at this stage radiates a lot of warmth and affection to familiar faces, and sometimes, it can be the same for animals. If your kid is an animal lover, it is natural that she will soon start nagging you to get her a pet. If you plan to do so, you need to keep in mind the age and capabilities of your kid while choosing a pet for her. Remember, different pets will require different levels of care. 

For a very young kid, an ideal pet would be a fish or a bird, which they can feed every day. Larger animals like dogs or cats should be bought only when the kid is old enough.

Explain to your child that a pet will be fully dependent on her and the family, and so it is a big responsibility to take. Make sure she understands what having a pet entails before you get one. Also, she should commit to taking care of the pet to a certain extent, so ensure that she does so once the pet arrives.