Constant Supervision Is a Must

Constant Supervision Is a Must
Child Safety

Now is the age when kids will want to explore everything, so you need to keep a constant eye on them. Realize that your child needs supervision even if the house is childproof as they will find numerous other ways to get what they want. Never leave your child unattended at an unknown place since there may be hazards you are not aware of here. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Always keep a watch on your child. If you are occupied with some work leave the supervision to some member of family. Be sure that he is always under your eye sight.

2. Keep out of reach anything, which is not suitable for him like tablets or cleaning liquids or acids

3. Never leave your child alone in kitchen or bathroom as it is the most hazardous place.

4. Keep the doors locked. Your child might easily open the door . Do not assume he will not be able to do

5. Watch out for any minute objects on the ground. Toss them out right away. They have all chances of going inside your child's mouth.

6. If you are having guests, plan in advance about looking after your child . You might be distracted and the little one will be upto something.

7. Make sure the plugs are not open. Kids love to play around with that.

8. Adult supervision is a must. Accidents are bound to happen in mere seconds but more the supervision lesser the injury.