Consult A Speech Specialist At The Earliest If You Have Any Concerns

Consult A Speech Specialist At The Earliest If You Have Any Concerns
  • Ideally, your child's speech should now start becoming adult like day by day. Looking back, if you see your child's speech development has been well on track, then that's a great news. However, if you are concerned about your child’s speech, it’s better to consult a specialist who can detect any problems right away. 
  • Work with your child’s doctor to determine if there is an underlying health problem. Work with a physical therapist to develop and use exercises that will improve swallowing. Up till the age of 2-3 years, kids are still developing their speech faculty. In fact even a kid of 5 years is still adapting to the language and constantly learning something new.
  • However, if after the age of three you witness seeing certain delayed symptoms in your child related to speech, you can consult a doctor. And the signs of it should be looked out for from now itself. Not every delay is a cause to worry. For instance if your child does not chatter like other kids, it may be because he is an introvert and not because there is something wrong with his speech. 
  • Similarly, if your child lisps, this is also not an immediate matter of concern as children often lisp till the age of 5. Notice how your child is acting in a private setting. Not every child is a social bee. Most of the speech concerns can be cured at home itself. If it seems something bigger, you may consult a therapist.