Correcting Inappropriate Behavior

Correcting Inappropriate Behavior

As your child grows up, it is a fact that she will begin to get influenced by people around her. Family members, peers and everyone will have an impact on her character and behavior. This can mean two things - Your child has a possibility of learning good or bad behavior. Here is how you can help:

1. Temper tantrums are most probably your child's go-to way of showing you how she is feeling and this can be quite a handful as dealing with it becomes difficult. Do not take her by surprise by yelling or shouting because this can only worsen the situation.Try to calm her down using words. Talk to her and find out the actual reason behind her throwing a tantrum. Sometimes, it can be just hunger or sleepiness.

2. When your child displays unpleasant behavior, do not shy away from telling her why she is wrong. Timely rectification really helps to mold her into a well-behaved child. The key here is to remain calm and not lose your temper in front of her. This will only hurt her feelings and you will get back to square one. Point out at her mistake and always give her a reason why she should not do what she did.

3. Help your child learn basic etiquettes by setting an example for her. Say the magic words - please, thank you, sorry, etc., wherever applicable so she begins to use them too.

4. Do not be too critical when you point out her mistakes. This will scare her and make her feel uncomfortable.