Correcting Your Child's Toe walk

Correcting Your Child's Toe walk
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Some kids start walking on the tips of their toes or the balls of their feet, which is referred to as Toe Walking. Effective therapy to correct toe walking in children are:

1. Exercise at home. Stretching is the first step. This will enable the calf muscle to stretch out and strengthen the front of the legs. Engage your kid in activities and exercises that concentrate on using the muscles that have been stretched. These should be fun and age appropriate like marching on the spot. Encourage your kid to raise his knees up high and then land with a flat foot. Walking on beach sand, or on uneven surfaces might enable him to rest his foot flat on the surface. Practice squats to strengthen thigh and calf muscles. Appreciate when he walks on the heels only.

2. An activity to improve balance and body awareness in your kid is the Game of Pick up. Scatter 5 marbles on the floor and place a big bowl near them. Encourage your kid to pick the marbles, one by one, with his toes of right foot and put them in the bowl. Cheer him up loudly for every pick and drop of the marble in the bowl. Repeat the activity with his left foot.

3. Make your kid stand on a pillow for some time which will force him to balance the position of his feet and legs accordingly.

4. Shoes can enhance right walking. Select the right shoes that enable him to walk flat on his heels.