Create A Game With Newspaper And Cardboard

Create A Game With Newspaper And Cardboard

There is no limit of things that you can teach your child. And among many new things around you, reusing things and being creative about it is definitely one of them. Not only does this make your child learn new things and concepts, but it is also a great way of conserving the environment.

One of the best ways of doing it using discarded household objects is to make fun games with them. For example- how about making a cricket set with newspaper and cardboard? In every house there are newspapers and discarded cardboards, which are thrown into the bins or sold to the paper mart. But have you thought that you can actually make some interesting things out of them? Crumble the waste paper and make it into a ball.

Let your child participate wholeheartedly and choose the kind of ball he wants to make. Let his imagination float and make his way through it. In the same way, help him make a cricket bat with the cardboard. And let him play with that. Make the process fun involving him right from the beginning till the end. This way your child will develop this unique way of conserving things and reusing old thing lying unused in the house. This is a great way of fostering creativity and responsibility in your child.