Curbing the Habit of 'Talking Back'

Curbing the Habit of 'Talking Back'

You are the role model of your child. At this age he is actually imbibing a lot from others around him. And trust that, all is not that good. Your little one doesn’t have the ability to distinguish between good or bad as yet.

He is pulled by the tide. He understands what is fun and nothing beyond that. So, checking his habits and behavior is important. Having said that, you cannot always check too. But, what you can really do is to ensure that at home everything is pretty much in the loop so that your child gets the goodness from his home.

This will slowly and steadily ensure that your kid is able to decide for himself what is good and what is bad. A good environment at home is indispensable if you want to bring up your kid without any negatives in life.