Cycling - A Multi Faceted Activity

Cycling - A Multi Faceted Activity
Gross motor

As your child grows at this stage, it’s essential to involve him in activities that would bring about an all round development. Cycling helps in balancing, focusing and improving leg movements. To begin with, use training wheels. This would help the child in gaining steadiness. Once the child is acquainted to the techniques, remove the training wheels. Parents should plan out activities in order to polish their toddler’s gross motor skills. 

Cycling is one such task which works to develop focus and balance. Moreover, cycling is a wonderful exercise for the legs which would work to keep your child healthy. Take the help of a tricycle at first. Plan out a particular time during the day when you can move out to offer a cycling demo to your child. 

 • The first step should be to learn the suitable leg motion. Ask your little one to slowly put pressure on the pedals for acquiring motion. 

 • Next step should be to teach your little one how to guide the handle bar in a correct manner. 

 Once your toddler perfects riding a tricycle, move further to remove the supporters and allow him to learn the art of balancing.