Cycling Is A Good Training To Boost Confidence

Cycling Is A Good Training To Boost Confidence
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  • At this stage, your child is ready for some physical training and the best way to go about it is with cycling. Learning to cycle is not an easy task. A child will have to fall several times in order to learn to ride. Motivate and encourage your child to keep trying in his efforts. 
  • Let him struggle, as its outcome would be splendid. It boosts one's confidence and strength to persevere to a great extent. Start by giving your child a small tricycle. A two or three year old does not need anything bigger. Guide him on how to use it by making him sit on it first. Then putting his legs on the pedal show him how to move it in the right direction so as to take the tricycle forward.
  • For the first few rounds accompany your child so that he may learn how to operate it. Once you are confident he can move on his own, let him paddle around by himself for a while. The first few times he may be apprehensive going on his own but once he gets the hang of it he will want to go out often. This practice will help enhance his confidence in handling the tricycle and also in navigating his way around.