Dealing With a Clingy Child

Dealing With a Clingy Child

Your child needs you but sometimes it may not be possible to give that undivided attention to her. In such a situation, ensure that you find other ways to deal with it. Never rebuke your child and make sure that you reiterate the fact that she holds a pivotal place in your life.

1. Do not ignore, overtly discourage, or punish clingy behavior. Responding to clingy behavior by ignoring or punishing it may make your child less likely to come to you when she is feeling scared or vulnerable.

2. Be responsive to your child’s needs and feelings. Try to identify what might be causing the clinginess and describe her feelings so she begins to understand it. By doing this, you will make her feel understood and she will be less likely to need your physical presence as reassurance.

3. Always praise your child for tasks or activities that they are able to do independently. Praising your child for doing things independently will make her believe that she is capable of doing things for herself and should feel confident without close supervision and guidance.

4. Don’t sneak out when you leave. This will only increase your child’s anxiety and clinginess because your kid will be scared to engage in any activity for too long as she will think that you may sneak out and disappear at any moment.