Dealing With Backtalk

Dealing With Backtalk

At this stage, the best way for you to deal with your child's back talk is to not respond to it. Argument breeds argument. And if you want to set an example for this, pick up an argument with your child.

Kids are naive. They think they can do everything that their parents can do. They can talk, walk, eat and dance the way they see their parents doing. So, when it comes to being unruly, they imbibe that too. Just that we as parents, are seldom accepting about it, and are quick enough to reprimand the child.

Your little one does exactly what you do. So, if you find something really annoying, go back and check when is the last time you did the same. You stop arguing, back-talking and in no time you will realize that your little one has also stopped doing the same. Stop engaging in arguments, if you want you child to do the same.