Demonstrate How To Dress and Let Your Kid Watch

Demonstrate How To Dress and Let Your Kid Watch
Fine Motor

Your child at this stage is coming more close to adapting and learning adult like gestures and is now ready to do a little dressing up on own too. However, your help is quintessential. 

Demonstrate how to wear an item of clothing to your child first and let them observe how it is done. Then ask your little one to try on her own. At first, she will need time to pick it up. Be patient and understanding, and repeat the instructions as often as your little one needs.

Since your child is growing at a significant rate, it is the responsibility of you as a parent to look after her development. Teach your little one how to dress on their own. This task would take some time to perfect, so act patiently. Select the best time during the day when your toddler is in a good mood. Pick up a single cloth and offer a demo step by step. Allow your little one to follow the directions. Offer verbal instructions when she goes wrong. Make sure this task is managed with a smile on your face, this would keep your child motivated.