Descriptive Praise Is What Your Kid Is Looking For!

Descriptive Praise Is What Your Kid Is Looking For!

Your child finds his world in you so your approval, encouragement and applause gets his way to understand his success and failures which in turn builds up his confidence and enhances his morale.

The following tips can help you do the same:
1. Express your deeper most feelings as to what you like most about him, do not hesitate in putting an extra word, it leaves a long lasting impact on your child.
2. Admire him for his strong points and how you feel proud of the same.
3. Prefer not to criticize him for every act and appreciate him more for his sincerity in every effort.
4. Never compare your child with anyone else, it brings a sense of jealousy, insecurity and inferiority.
5. Not only appreciate him, his achievements are to be celebrated amongst the three of you with a reward of his choice and loads of admiration. Regard him for his hard work and how good you feel of all his success and dedication.