Detect The Source And Restrict It

Detect The Source And Restrict It

Your child’s social mannerisms and behavior is largely shaped by the people that she interreacts with and spends a lot of time with. Your little one will always look to imitate and follow the mannerisms of the people that she spends a lot of time with and hence, it is always prudent to keep a close eye on the company that your child is in and their behavioral changes, if any.

1. Observe your child’s mannerisms, the speech that they use and way that they behave with anyone that they interact with. Children are normally playful and cheerful, but when these are associated with violent acts, such as kicking, hitting, punching and foul language, it is a wake-up call for you as a parent that your child is being exposed to a lot of age inappropriate behavior, whether it is the people at home, people at the child’s school, the television programs that your child watches. Your child is like clay and hence she will be very malleable to all the factors that she is exposed to and thus, keeping a keen eye on your child’s social circle is extremely important.

2. Keep in mind that your child is unaware of the implications and the meaning of the actions that she is doing. She is merely imitating the things that people are doing or saying in her environment, a natural process of learning. Do not look down upon your little one and be harsh and rude to her. Exercise tactful compassion and calm your child down, then slowly make them understand why their behavior is less than ideal. This works much better on your child than any harsh steps that you might be compelled to take.