Develop Your Kid's Interest In Grammar

Develop Your Kid's Interest In Grammar

As your child’s speech skills develop at this stage, you need to work on his language skills too, by building his interest in grammar. You can play grammar games with him. For example, introduce nouns to him as ‘naming words,’ then take turns to point out all the naming words in the room. Make a song out of the vowels and sing it together to learn them by heart.

Practice new words and grammar rules regularly. In your everyday conversations, keep referring to grammatical points that you have covered previously. If he forgets or makes a mistake, do not scold or criticize. Keep repeating the lesson gently till he gets it.

While reading to your child, point out grammar-related points that you have done together, such as capital letters, plurals, etc. Ask your child to point out something and applaud him when he is correct.