Developing Communication Skills In Everyday Life

Developing Communication Skills In Everyday Life

Early development of vocabulary in your child is always an added bonus for the time he actually begins to talk and communicate everything to you. This will have an added advantage going forward because he will already know what a lot of words mean as he would have seen you and other family members use them.

Here are a few ways you can help your child with early communication:

1. Have a lot of conversations with your child. It will not make much sense initially, but it will pay off when he gets used to those words you use all the time. Your child will try and imitate the sounds created as you speak.

2. Playing rhymes during the course of the day helps familiarize your child with a great number of words that he may begin to use in the near future. The catchy tunes help with easy learning of difficult words as well.

3. Make your child watch a few cartoons on the television from a distance. The quirky characters also help in enriching your child's early communication skills. Make sure to give breaks in between so his tiny eyes are not tired.

4. Narrate stories to your child. Make it a point to get into character especially if the characters are animals. This will help him make associations with the sounds.

5. Play the same rhymes, cartoons and narrate the same stories over and over so your child is very much familiar with those words. This way, your little one will begin to speak whole words in no time!