Did You Know This Simple Way To Boost Your Child's Communication Skills?

Did You Know This Simple Way To Boost Your Child's Communication Skills?

The way your child listens and speaks makes a big difference for his fortune of success. The need of the hour is perfecting communication skills from an early age through these simple ways.

1. Be a perfect model: Lend thy ears to your child’s talk and speak fluently when you answer him.

2. Read, read, read: Reading is counted as the perfect way that can improve his vocabulary, and it would also help him improve his speech.

3. Audio and visual aids: Take the help of visual and verbal sources to make the child perfect his articulation. For example- there are charts and voice devices that can help your kid learn new words and sentences.

4. Provide the right listening and speaking environment: Spark a conversation during an activity, homework or while watching a TV show. Minimise other distractions during this period.

5. Try the technique of open ended question: This session taps his imagination power to think and answer according to the situation. For example- Name your favourite pet and how will you take care of it?

6. Praise every new vocabulary he uses: Encourage and appreciate him in abundance when he makes an attempt to use the right vocabulary in the right context. This will inspire him to explore more of vocabulary.

7. Word - a - day: Teach him a simple word daily and its meaning. Assist him to use the same in a sentence. Keep repeating the words so that he masters them.

8. Word game: During play time, you can play this word game with your child and his friends. Begin with a word, for an example: school, the player as to say a word beginning with the last letter of school that is with l, L for lamp, and so on."