Discuss And Set Expectations About Good Behavior In Advance

Discuss And Set Expectations About Good Behavior In Advance
  • Your child at this stage is more eligible to learn about right and wrong behavior. Before going out to play in the park, reinforce the importance of correct behaviour and explain to your child what is expected from them. Answer any queries they may have honestly and openly. You can give examples and tell stories around the same. As parents, you need to set examples for your child in terms of good behavior. 
  • Before you move out of the house with your little one, offer details regarding correct behavior with other people, either in the playground or family gatherings. This is the time when you need to act stern in making your point sound clear. If your toddler has any query, address it positively so that he understands it in a better manner.
  • You can take the help of stories which hide a moral lesson. This is a perfect method to polish your child towards a healthy behavior track. Always make sure that members of the family shouldn’t fight or shout in front of the toddler. This could leave a negative impact.