Discussing 'Death' With Your Child- What To Keep In Mind?

Discussing 'Death' With Your Child- What To Keep In Mind?

Tell your child that death is an irreversible event when the body stops functioning completely. Every living being will die some day. Answer as honestly as possible and accept genuine ignorance when you yourself have doubts. Never describe death as ‘perennial sleep’ or ‘God’s will’ as these might cause fear in the child. He or she may become scared of sleeping or getting involved in religious rituals.

It is advisable to avoid taking a 4-5 year old to funerals as the gloomy atmosphere might affect the child. However, it is a personal decision to be taken after considering the situation and the child’s ability to understand and cope with death. The child may or may not feel the loss of a beloved immediately after death but may get emotional suddenly some day. Comfort the child by letting the little one express his or her feelings and help in getting used to the reality.