Diversity in Learning Should Be Your Motto

Diversity in Learning Should Be Your Motto

You must realize at present that in a complex and richly diverse world, your child will meet many children, their parents, elders who belong to different multicultural communities. It becomes even more important for him to get a sense of this diversity so that he can adapt to his world with ease.

As a guide to your child, talk to him about different cultures, traditions, religions through books, videos. Keep it simple. Make him understand that he should have respect for others and not show any bias to anyone. This however, is a work in progress right now for your child as its difficult to grasp everything about this complex social world.

The school curriculum of your child should include topics that teach diversity and help children understand each child is unique in his own way. Combined with practical projects, he will understand, he should respect and accept others as they are. For instance, if there is a show and tell about ‘My favourite Festival,’ your child will get to know about various festivals being celebrated by different communities.