Do it Yourself--Speech Training

Do it Yourself--Speech Training
Fine Motor

Your child at this stage has a limited vocabulary. Therefore, it will be difficult for him to communicate. Some children may be late in language development. Don’t keep waiting for them to learn by themselves, instead assist your child. Repeat the commonly used words. Follow a routine pattern. Don’t worry even if he speaks incorrectly. If your little one has limited speech skills, do not worry as it can be improved at home. As parents, you need to figure out playful ways for making your toddler develop perfect language skills. This can be done through a variety of ways such as:

 • Manage a list of frequent spoken words at home. Ask your little one to repeat them. 

 • You can take the help of short rhymes and sing them on a regular basis when your toddler is around. This would automatically encourage him to follow the same.

 • Musical toys are seen as a good option for enhancing verbal skills. 

 • Select two new words on a daily basis and teach their exact sound to your child.