Do Not Alarm Your Kid Through Your Own Fears

Do Not Alarm Your Kid Through Your Own Fears

We all enter into parenthood with our own baggages. Baggage of our past experiences, our fears, our anxieties, our inadequacies, so on and so forth. When the baby is born, even though we want to put our best feet forward, it seldom happens to be so. In every juncture our own childhood and our past experiences are something that take the center stage and make us behave in a way that we shouldn’t.

And we invariably impose our set of baggages on our kids. That’s not to be done in all respect. Your child must be brought up in a free world and in free spirits. You should never let your own fears and setbacks rule his present. Allow yourself to be a confident and sorted parent. It is important to understand that a child imbibes a lot of energy from his mother. So if you are giving him negative vibes, he will take that only in many ways.

It is extremely important that a child is brought up in an atmosphere that fosters a lot of positivity in him. Taking out your own fears in front of him does no good. So, develop yourself with your child and prove yourself to be the best person around him.