Do Not Allow Your Child To Dwell In Fairy Tales

Do Not Allow Your Child To Dwell In Fairy Tales

Until now, fairytales and princess stories seemed to be the best way to improve the imaginative skills of your child. But now, it’s time they know what’s real and what’s unreal. Fairy tales and other stories do great as long as they don’t interfere with your child’s thinking. But the truth is, at one point your child may think those to be real and start fancying things in and around it.

Even though there is nothing particularly wrong with that, you must ensure that those tales are unreal and far from reality. This difference is important to understand as their thought process depends on that. Your child is sensible enough but not to forget that she still a child who has her own way of things. Talk at length and again as to what is real and what is artificial or unreal. Talk to her about how things happen and what are written just for the story sake.

Once she understands this, no matter how many fairy tales she reads it will never affect her thought process in a harmful way.