Do Not Be Stressed Out If Your Child Has An Emotional Outburst

Do Not Be Stressed Out If Your Child Has An Emotional Outburst
  • Your child at this stage may often go through emotional surges, which may bother you at times, but you must know it is a part of her growing up process. Children initially don’t have much control over their emotional impulses, so their anger and frustration tend to erupt suddenly in the form of crying, hitting, or screaming. 
  • Do not be stressed or start screaming yourself. Calm your child down and deal with the matter patiently. Emotions are a very new concept for a child to grasp. Especially those of anger and sadness. The first impulse in both these emotions for the child is to cry. So chances are you will see many bouts of tears in your little one's eyes accompanied with occasional screaming and hitting. This will require a lot of patience on your part.
  • Any violent reaction from you will only agitate the child. Sometimes these impulses are purely to catch your attention. If that is the case then let the child cry it out. Once they realise that nobody is paying attention to them, they will eventually calm down. Whatever be the reason for her emotional outburst, always make sure to keep it in check otherwise you will find it hard to control your child’s emotional upsurge.