Do Not Cram The Kid's Schedule Chock-full Of Activities

Do Not Cram The Kid's Schedule Chock-full Of Activities

As your kid grows older, his life will be filled increasingly with more and more activities – school, dance or drawing classes, activity classes and so on. These are important for him to develop various skills. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that play is also a vital part of his childhood and overall development.

While extracurricular activities are beneficial to build up your kid’s talent/skills to a certain extent, do not over burden your kid with such activities. It is equally important to give him some daily “me” time, or unstructured play time. This is time that he is allowed to play as he likes. Such play enhances your child’s imaginative skills as he needs to rack his brains to think of new and innovative ways to play.

During free play time, surround your kid with a good supply of puzzles, toys, and drawing paraphernalia, and let him loose. Stay nearby, but do not participate in the play or try to guide him.