Do Not Expose Your Kid To Graphic Or Horrifying Media Images

Do Not Expose Your Kid To Graphic Or Horrifying Media Images

Today’s media is always loaded with news and pictures on natural disasters, a mass shooting, a suicide or a violent mob destroying property. It is very difficult to avoid such news as it is everywhere-on TV, phones, newspapers, internet and young children have trouble fully understanding these events and might get scared even get nightmares. As a parent it’s our responsibility to address their fears.

1. If your child questions you on an event that he is watching on the TV and if it is a far away disaster you can reassure them that they are safe as the distance is too much. However, you can explain various measures that can be taken during such disaster.

2. If it is a crime or violence or accident in the same area and child happens to see it while traveling etc then explain how being with an adult helps. Or familiarize them with the role of police in society and how the law protect us. Emphasize and show to your child the goodness in other people.The firemen, police, doctors who assist in case of accidents, etc.

3. A hug will always help when kids are scared watching something horrific. If it is on TV, change or switch over to something more cheerful or play a game to distract your little one.

4. Avoid having such discussions on dining table or before your child goes to sleep.

5. Avoid having magazines or newspaper with such pictures left around. Avoid high graphic and violent video games and internet for your kids.

6. Only have age appropriate TV shows and movies for your kids.