Do Not Force Your Child To Eat Or Make A Big Issue Out Of It

Do Not Force Your Child To Eat Or Make A Big Issue Out Of It
Health & Nutrition

Talk to any parent, and you know what food and feeding is all about. There is hardly anyone in the parental periphery who doesn’t worry about her child’s food habits. Well, the anxiety is palpable.

It is as natural as anything else around us. But what one needs to understand that after a point it is absolutely fruitless to run after your child with a bowl of snack all the time. At this age, your little one is able to express himself well, and so wait for him to feel and say that he is hungry.

If that isn’t an option, then try to split his meals into small multiple ones. This will ensure that he is not bored of the long hours of eating and can finish it in a jiffy. At the same time, ensure that you know well why your child is fussy about his food. This will also enable you to make ways that will help sort this issue. But, by and large what remains a fact that running around your child with food is never a solution. Instead, allow your child to voice his opinion. As long as he is growing well without any apparent health issues, you can be rest assured that his nutritional needs are met well with whatever he is having. Keep the tantrums at bay and develop healthy eating habits to ensure good health.